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New Leader Assimilation

Starting position: A team within your company has a new team head appointed. The new team head might come from the team itself, moved from another internal area or hired externally for this specific job. The New Leader Assimilation Workshops make most sense at the very beginning of the new team head joining in order to pro-actively steer the assimilation process. Or in the first months when difficulties arise.

Target: Applying a targeted team dynamic process to bring the different views and expectations to the surface, define actions needed, and the way to implement them.

The way we tackle the New Leader Assimilation:

  1. Meeting of team head with Sondheimer Consulting to discuss the process ahead and personal questions / reflections with the new team head
  2. 1st workshop: team head opens the first workshop giving his / her commitment to the process ahead. Group discussion without team head takes place, facilitated by Sondheimer Consulting. Gathering of general team situation and feedback
  3. Meeting of Sondheimer Consulting facilitator with team head to provide him with anonymous team feedback, and establish common understanding
  4. 2nd workshop: joint meeting of team lead and team members facilitated by Sondheimer Consulting to discuss overall feedback and measures to be taken
  5. 3rd workshop: additional workshop with team head and team members after 3-5 months. Review of progress made, motivation and support