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Team Coaching

An existing board, an existing team acquires one or more new members. Or perhaps the team has been put together from different parts within the organization. A new crew is on board. From a systemic point of view, various personal and team-internal processes are going to take place. Some of these developments are very obvious, some are more hidden. It is more efficient to tackle these developments early on in the process, right at the beginning. Which are the common values? What are the different roles and responsibilities? How do we communicate? And last but not least – how do we get to know each other at a personal level?

Every new team passes through the famous phases of forming, storming, norming, and performing. These phases can be accelerated and made transparent, or they run unguided in the background of the team-building process. One thing is clear: only when the group is united and truly acts as a team, can the communication become convincing. A new level of energy and motivation spreads to the other employees, and a new level of commitment becomes visible.
This joint work with the team as well as on an individual level – sometimes supplemented with One-to-One coaching – takes several months. The benefits will become visible, and there will be a very positive effect on your team’s performance as well as on the organization.

Team-building can take place either at your own company, or at any location of your choice. The process can also be supplemented by structured outdoor activities supporting the team- building. For these cases, we collaborate with a certified outdoor company. We know them personally, and have had our own positive experiences with them. You can rely on a very smooth collaboration, which supports the target of the process.