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Sondheimer Consulting offers a neutral facilitation for any kind of events, meeting, and workshops, for example:

  • Conflict resolution: resolve specific conflicts within the team. We listen, structure and question the situation in a neutral way in order to get to the root issues. Together we define sustainable measures for implementation. A follow-up workshop ensures a proper implementation and motivation.
  • Appropriate communication: we discuss and analyze the communication patterns within the team, and towards your stakeholders. We show how to improve it; plan a town hall meeting with specific key messages, establish a convincing team performance when presenting, and conduct a proper lessons-learnt debriefing. You will see – things will start moving in your organization!
  • Personality preferences: you want to further develop and strengthen your team’s understanding of the personality preferences. We analyze the current team with the MBTI® or Insights MDI® - questionnaire and discuss the outcome individually with the team members. Furthermore, we discuss the different styles in the team. With this we further develop the team’s internal understanding for each other, and the team’s performance.