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Where personality makes the difference

Successful women and men in leadership positions have someone at their side whom they can trust, and to whom they can listen for advice. It is a fact that during a career, development requirements and expectations are changing continuously. How you got here, will not get you there – new competencies are required in a changing environment of business, change of careers and in managing the demanding day-to-day business. It is nowadays common knowledge (Goleman) that reaching targets is only 20% IQ related. 80% of a successful achievement is dependent on our ‘Emotional Quotient’ (EQ), our emotional competence. The higher up people progress in their career the more important this becomes – apply it or fail.

As managers and talents, we know the bright side of leadership, the successes and the prestige attached to it. But we also got to know as well the hidden agendas, the power games, pressure to achieve certain figures, being pushed aside and the difficulty in dealing with the daily ambiguities. In all this it helps to have a trusted partner who knows the circumstances, who is in there himself. Standing outside your systems enables us to provide straight feedback and feed-forward at your eye-level, and to be a true partner for your reflections. Furthermore, tools such as MBTI®, Insights MDI® or a 360° feedback module are available as well.