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High Performance Team

From the Board down to a single team within the organization Starting position: The team has been working together for some time and is functioning quite well. You believe – and rightly so – that more can be achieved together, that a next level of team performance must be achieved to successfully tackle the many challenges ahead.

Target: Development of a common vision, definition of joint ambition, discussion about individual commitment, and transparency in communication, responsibility and processes. Overall: achieving a positive team dynamic which is reflected in measurable performance improvements.

We tackle the topic of building a high performing team along the following five proven levels:

  1. Purpose and target definition: what do we want to achieve together? How do we want to reach it?
  2. Best People: do we have the right people (within the team) in order to reach the challenging target?
  3. Roles: are the roles within the team transparent and clear?
  4. Processes: are processes established so that success can be reached (efficiency,effectiveness)?
  5. Task-level: Are the tasks ahead clearly defined and prioritized?