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Leadership philosophy definition

Starting position: You lead an organization over several hierarchical levels. But each leader in your organization has their own leadership understanding and sets their own management priorities. Therefore, a common leadership philosophy and culture does not exist. Furthermore, employee surveys might show that quality of leadership and management is rated as unsatisfactory. Target: Sondheimer Consulting supports you and your leadership team in defining a common leadership philosophy and culture and its implementation into the organization over time. A sustainable leadership understanding is available in the organization, which brings the organization forward

The targeted leadership culture will be analyzed, developed and implemented along the transformational 4i – leadership model:

  1. i: Integrity
  2. i: Inspiration
  3. i: Intellect
  4. i: Individuality

In addition we analyze the personality preferences of your team heads with the MBTI® -Tool. The report will be discussed at an individual level with all leadership team members. Later on, the results are shared within the team in order to achieve a joint view of the team and its members.