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For Sondheimer Consulting, the following values are key:

We treat each other
with respect and appreciation.


We trust each other
and are transparent.


We drive performance
and excellence.


We live entrepreneurship
and growth.


In addition, we consequently live up to the highest ethical standards and apply diversity rules.
In more detail this means:

  • Respect: you are OK – I am OK; active listening; do not interrupt; actively care about each other.
  • Appreciation: deal with each other eye-to-eye; be grateful for what others do; support each other; think and act positively. We are independent and state our opinions. We do this regardless of the effect on our fees.
  • Trust: absolute integrity; absolute confidentiality of sensitive data; knowing what is going on; saying what you think; no ‘white Elephants’ in the room; no cheap compromises.
  • Transparency: openness; no hidden agenda; providing and accepting feedback. This means not publishing client data even though this could help us for marketing.
  • Performance: we give our best as a team; we give each other tireless support, we achieve better results and answers in teams than as individuals; proactivity; goal-driven; continuous improvement; learning from mistakes; we go the extra-mile for our clients.
  • Excellence: quality before quantity; first time right; life-long learning; surpass expectations; excite clients; innovation and speed. This does not mean that mistakes cannot happen.
  • Entrepreneurship: sustainability; self-starter; passion; assertiveness.
  • Growth: develop potential in relationships and services; we move ahead, standstill is not an option.